10 Best Chrome Extensions tools For Digital Marketers in 2020 .


To do Your work faster you need strong analytical skills or simple methods to save your time, these tools often increase your ability to be a good marketer then chrome extensions are useful.

For this reason, I would like to share a few best online tools that digital marketing people can use to achieve their goals

These tools will help you to find new clients, and make good decisions about your Digital marketing strategies.

The first tool that you need in life to be a better writer is below mentioned.

Tool #1:Grammalry

This chrome extension tool will automatically check each and every word of your writing, including grammar, spelling, and other common problems.

Chrome extensions
Chrome extensions

In this chrome extension tool, you have to write or copy/paste the words into your own editor.

Then this tool automatically gives tips on what you can change.

However, this Chrome extension covers some of the websites that you use every day and giving you instant tips on how to write emails or blogs.

Below quick is the image of how this extension works


Always you don’t need hashtag but there a requirement that you should use the hashtag necessarily

Instagram hashtags allow users to see more photos they might be interested in.

So in these cases, you need hashtags, these hashtags will give a value to the content you have written

This is where the hash test comes into play.

This chrome extension tool automatically checks the quality of the hashtags you use in real-time.

When you are creating a post this tool helps you which hashtags are giving better results.

chrome extension

From the above image clearly, the best hashtag is digital marketing which is in green color according to their tool

It is a good tool when you share a post on social media.

Tool#3: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

chrome extensions

LinkedIn is a great way to boost sales for the people who are in the business field.

It provides detail info bank of your Gmail contacts

By the way, it is not that much, it is actually easier to save relevant mails without having to search your inbox with 5,000 emails.

You can find all the information you need in the sidebar of your Gmail account.

Some other features are also available

If you like this functionality, you can upgrade to get more features.

In the end, you will be the strongest marketer in this field.

 Tool #4:SEMRUSH

chrome extension

This  tool useful for all digital marketers.

This tool  will give the analytics of your  websites traffic and performance on the Google

Tool #5: Boomerang


chrome extension

It is a chrome extension to schedule your emails.

When the Digital Marketers sent emails, they tried to find the best time to send them to target the audience

Without scheduling, sending emails at the right time is often difficult.

Suppose you want to be at the top of someone else’s inbox on Monday.

You should normally wake up at 5 a.m. to ensure that your letter was written and sent at the right time.

With Boomerang, however, you can press the alarm button, knowing that your mails will be sent on time.

 Tool#6: Oktopost

It is available for anyone who uses social media for business

It allows you to share articles and post directly from the web browser.

As a result, you have the best tool to keep your social posts relevant.

And it is very easy to use. All you have to do is just click on the “Extension” tab when you won’t share the article

Chrome extension

You can see the dropdown gives you a whole preview of how your post will look while you post on social media.

Tool#7: LinkClump

chrome extension

If you want to do a lot of research on various topics every day here a lot of research means a lot of open tabs which can be a blessing for you.

Because Linkclump quickly opens a lot of links when you are doing a little  research

It means less clicking between pages or tabs and more researching of your chosen topic

It is a simple trick of finding a way to save your time in researching good things.

Tool  #8: Liner

chrome-extension if you research your content as you need, it can be useful because you do not have any ability to organize and remember the correct information.

But, with Liner, you can quickly highlight blog posts or websites when searching.

This allows you to read and highlight the content you want, and then quickly repeat what you find better than when you found it.

Here’s how it works:

chrome extension

It is always good to have a visual reminder of tricks and tips that came into your mind.

Tool  #9: Save to Pocket

chrome extension

This tool allows you to immediately save articles that you want to reference later in the project.

If you use this extension you don’t have to search for saved links to find what topic you are searching for.

And also it will recommend articles related to what you have saved.

 Tool #10: Push by Zapier

The Push by Zapier extension is one of the extensions that it is useful for marketers who use a variety of tools for the projects they are doing

It’s good to have this extension

chrome extensions

This is a workflow tool that you can use to integrate with a lot of the commonly used applications.

For example, if you use the high-intensity Pomodoro technique to work with short breaks, you can set up a push to supporting your diet.

With this extension, you can integrate all tools and let them work together.

Suppose you want to create a normal Slack chat post for your company.

All you have to do is set up push and you can able use this extension to compose your messages even if you are not currently in Slack.

And Push by Zapier saves all the clicks you have never created



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