What is Affiliate Marketing & how Does It Works In 2020?

What is Affiliate Marketing How Does it Actually Work Best for Beginners in 2020


What is Affiliate Marketing? How Does it Work in 2020?

To be successful in affiliate marketing, there are important steps you need to take before you make your first affiliate profit. And these steps are not passive.

The good news is that you are already on your way to success in affiliate marketing if you are determined to get the job done and willing to put the time and effort into it.

All your work is to help you make your first affiliate marketing sale. Nothing like a first sale to motivate and support you.

So what should you do to get started?

There is no shortage of ways to make money online. However, few are as flexible and useful as affiliate marketing. If done correctly, it can be a profitable way to generate revenue by creating creative and valuable content.

In short, affiliate marketing allows you to monetize your content by promoting other companies’ products through affiliate links.

If someone buys a product or service based on your recommendation, you will receive a small commission for that purchase.

In this article, we will introduce you to the basics of affiliate marketing and explain how it works in practice. We’ll show you how you can benefit and get started. Let’s begin!

Monetizing your website shouldn’t be a difficult or compromising task. It can be incredibly useful, both economically and creatively.

Besides, no major work is required for other ways to make money online.

Affiliate marketing advertises products from external suppliers on your website. Although the definitions sometimes vary, three or four parties are usually involved in establishing an affiliate.

Since these terms can be misleading, let’s take a moment to find out who is affiliate marketing:

Affiliate: This person, also known as the “Marketing Manager”, manages the website, which contains affiliate links.

The Affiliate receives a commission for each purchase from visitors who find a product by clicking on one of the links.

Consumer. This is a visitor to an Affiliate website who clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase (regardless of whether the ad is advertised or something else by the same company).

Network. This is an internal platform or a third-party platform on which the affiliate marketing program runs. This means that they provide links that affiliates use and pay their commissions to affiliates.

Merchant. This is a company that sells products that are sold by affiliates. In many cases, the merchant and network are the same, as some companies start their affiliate marketing programs.

For the sake of simplicity, we combine these last two entities for the rest of our discussion here.

  • If this is still a bit confusing, let’s look at a typical example of how sales affiliate work:
  • An affiliate publishes a blog post on its website. A post is an overview of a smartphone sold by a seller.
  • At the end of the article, the affiliate contains a link that leads to the product page of Smartphone
  • The consumer reads the blog post and, like the review, clicks on the affiliate link.
  • On the seller’s website, the consumer decides to buy a smartphone.
  • The affiliate makes a profit from the sale and shares part of this money with an affiliate.

You may be interested in how the seller knows which store is responsible for the purchase. This is the easiest part, as each affiliate receives a unique link that follows every product advertised.

In this way, the seller can follow all recommendations using cookies to know exactly how much money he has earned from each affiliate (and what he has to pay for it).

How much money can we make as an Affiliate Marketer?

affiliate marketing

There are affiliate marketers who make millions of dollars a month from affiliate marketing. I earn over $ 15,000 / month through affiliate marketing.

The key here is how you approach the whole process. Use a blog or PPC to promote affiliate products. The one I’ve been using on blogs for 5 years. This has been the most effective since so far.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners In Step by Step Process.

1 Find a Suitable Affiliate Marketing Niche.

When you start a new affiliate marketing site, you need to determine which niche you will be working in.

The niche of your website determines what type of content you create, who your target audience is and which products you advertise.

However, this step doesn’t just find the niche that pays off the most. To be successful, you also need to choose a niche that suits you.

If you already have knowledge and interest in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest you have selected, you can create relevant and interesting content that accompanies your affiliate marketing links.

You also have a better understanding of the needs and desires of your target group. This is important as it helps you build trust with your visitors. I

f I think they can rely on your opinions and recommendations, they are more likely to click on your links and make purchases based on your suggestions.

This way, a better niche has many potential consumers and allows you to create content. competent and reliable.

2: Sign Up for the Affiliate Programs.

Once you’ve set up a niche and website, it’s time to start looking for affiliate programs.

As mentioned earlier, many programs are managed directly by the seller to promote his company’s products.

In addition to dealer-oriented programs, there are specialized affiliate marketing networks such as Rakuten, Awin, CJ, and Pepperjam.

These programs include different providers and thousands of products. In this way, you can access other product types without having to participate in several programs.


Even e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon have their successful affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing How Does it Actually Work Best for Beginners in 2020

3: Add Affiliate Marketing Links to Your Site.

You are currently subscribed to the best affiliate marketing programs in your selected niche. Now is the time to do business, i.e. share your affiliate links. How you implement these links on your website depends, of course, on the type of content you create.

For example, if you run a review website, it makes sense to include relevant affiliate marketing links in your reviews. The easiest way to do this is to simply include them in your content as text links. itself. However, this approach can be considered misleading because it is less clear that you are promoting these products.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2020?


It surely does. It’s booming up and up with every passing year, I never used to believe in this but I tried it for myself and started a website. It worked and it just kept on going up.

The term affiliate marketing is widely used in the e-commerce industry. However, many people are not sure what it is and how it works. And this is becoming more and more fundamental for several companies in different industries.

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