Best 3 Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO : Understand The Difference

In any other important industry like search engine optimization(SEO), you will find different options for the most effective way to optimize your website.

And while many of these tricks may work and the “best” idea is to be subjective, there is a difference to remember: the white hat and the black hat.

Although some people present them as two different mindsets, they are not that similar in categories, but they are a good and a bad kind of search engine optimization.

What is White Hat SEO?

It is nothing but to optimize the website with the correct follows three following strategies

  1. It follows search engine guidelines
  2. It focuses on the human audience
  3. It takes a long-term approach

1. It follows search engine guidelines:

White hat follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

These are the rules designed by  Google to determine how your website should be optimized.

They have little understanding of what an “ethical” SEO strategy will be, which can be reduced only by one idea: to reduce manipulation.

So if you are not manipulating any rankings or with the Google algorithm, then you are said to be following their rules and proper use white hat SEO.

2. It focuses on the human audience:

White Hat Technique is an advantage for visitors

Google’s top priority is to provide its users with the best results, it makes sense that this is the right way of doing search engine optimization.

So many of them used effective SEO strategies to improve the experience the website visitors

Techniques such as publishing high-quality content and improving page load time faster can add value to website visitors, simplify the navigation make them maintain the website with approved strategies from Google.

3. It takes a long time to approach

Techniques that we follow  Google guidelines will create a positive user experience but it takes so much time. It means it takes a lot of time.

White Hat SEO techniques will have a longer impact. If you use good strategies to improve the overall experience of your website, you can get a higher ranking of your best keywords.

Because it’s an investment in content that can get results years to come and by using techniques you cannot expose to Google, the White Hat tactic is a long-term approach.


This technique is opposite to the White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO classified as below criteria:

  1. It violates Search Engine Guidelines
  2. It Manipulates tactics
  3. It Focuses on Faster Wins 

1. It violates the Search Engine Guidelines:

Black Hat SEO violates Google Guidelines, These Black Hat SEO practices you should not be used

2. It Manipulates tactics:

Black Hat SEO involves manipulating the Google Algorithm to improve the higher rankings in SERP(Search Engine Result Page)

Black Hat SEO even if it is done Google always identifies by updating Google algorithms and they are short-lived and results are no longer valid.

3. It Focuses on Faster Wins

Many of the strategies used in  Black Hat SEO will take advantage of the Google algorithm, which can be lead to improved ranking without too much work.

Although some of these tactics might work, they are almost always short-lived.

This is because Google is constantly improving its algorithm to get Better results for search engines.

The websites which use Black-Hat  SEO lose their rankings in the SERP(Search Engine Result PAGE)

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO: What’s the Difference

Black Hat SEOWhite Hat SEO
Not Optimized for the human audienceOptimized for Human Audience
Violates Search Engine GuidelinesFollows Search Engine Guidelines
Hurts Long-term credibilityBuilds Long-term Authority
Unethical techniquesEthical techniques
Duplicate ContentRelevant Content
Invisible text and stuffed keywordsWell Labeled images
Re-directing the user to another site/pageRelevant links and References
Links  from sites with non-relevant contentUnique and Relevant page titles

White Hat SEO:

It  follows Google’s  Webmaster Guidelines to optimize the website:

  • Makes pages only for visitors, not for search engines
  • Don’t deceive your users
  • Intent to improve the Search Engine Rankings
  • Thinks about how to make a website unique, valuable.
  • Website owners who follow these principles will see better rankings in search engines
  • This strategy is in Google Guidelines means techniques like writing quality content, increasing loading speed, better user experience,mobile-friendliness, are all considered as white hat SEO

 Black Hat SEO:

These following practices can lead to consequences:

  • Automatically Generated Content
  • Participating in the links scheme
  • Creating pages with no original content
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden texts
  • Scraped content
  • Irrelevant keywords
  • Sending automated queries to Google

If you are using these techniques, then you are doing Black Hat .it is not safe to use.


If you go deeper into the world of digital marketing and you can find the best ways to optimize your website, Black Hat and White Hat will be discussed

And, keep in mind that this is not a discussion worth spending your time on this topic

White Hat is the best approach and you should not listen to anyone trying to tell you otherwise.

Black Hat can help some website owners make money quickly, it directly violates Google’s rules.

So in order to optimize your website always be with a positive mind and use White Hat  for Better results






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