How do I choose the best domain name? 10 Things to Remember .


What is your opinion on your domain name? Is it important?

If you have a business website, people will come to your website regardless of the domain name, right?

Well, not so quickly …

As you can see, the domain name is an important element of a website. Choosing a name that is appropriate for your business is important as it can create a brand or damage your business.

Is it very important to choose the right domain name?

  • First Impression is the best impression of choosing a domain name: This is your “first impression”. The URL is the first thing a visitor sees. Good domain name leaves a positive and lasting impression, a bad domain name can leave your website.
  • SEO Plays Role: Exact match domain name  (EMDs) are no longer required, but using keywords in a domain name can improve your SEO ranking.
  • Domain equal to Brand: We’ll talk about these names later, they’re a brand opportunity! A suitable domain name can increase brand awareness.

These factors are just a few reasons why these names are so important to you before creating a website.

How to choose the best domain? That’s exactly what I share with you today.

Is it very important to choose the right domain name?

 1. Use the correct domain extensions (.com, .org, .net)

If you choose the domain name extension, you can be sure that “.com” is the best choice.

According to a DomainNameStat survey, 40.90% of all domains have the extension “.com”.

Image source:

Now “.com” is the best known and easy to remember. The .net and .org websites were successful, but performance may be better if the website extension is “.com”.

I would recommend you to go with a .com extension. When you don’t find with .com then try with .net or .org or with your country extension.







If you don’t have the above options, I would recommend you to go with a new domain name.  Avoid strange extensions like “.club”, “.space” and “. XYZ” etc…

2. Branding

Creativity and branding are always better than generic.

Remember, the domain is the best way to find visitors to your website, while visitors will remember your brand name and share your business on the web.

The main differences between  branded domain names and generic domain names are:

Branded domain names are unique and stand out from the competition. On the other hand, common domain names are often filled with keywords and are not memorable.

Finding a  branded domain name:

  1. Create a new word. Google, Bing, and Yahoo created their own new, try to create your own new different words.
  2. Research the words. Use the thesaurus to find interesting words that match your brand.
  3. Domain Name Generator. There are plenty of tools to create a branded domain name that is specific to your brand or business with the help of domain ideas and keywords.

3. Better to Choose Short Domain

In general, the smaller the domain, the better the domain.

The most common names are around 12 characters.

Target for 6-15 characters – and remember that shorter is always better.

4. Make sure it is easy to remember and type

Tell me the most popular website in the world. Without thinking a second you will tell…

Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

One of the most important things they have in common is that they are easy to remember and easy to type. Visitors should be able to enter the domain name seamlessly. If you have to explain a domain several times to understand it, it is very complicated!

5. Easy to Tell and spell

Your domain name should come out easily to tell people so you can get brand awareness easily.

This way, visitors can verbally share your domain name and share your website with their friends and related users.

This can be tested.

Tell 10 people to pronounce and write it down your domain in a paper. If more than a few people have difficulty pronouncing then it should be simplified. Remember: you need to be able to easily tell yourself and others your domain name. This is only possible if 1) should be easy to tell 2) should be easy to spell.

6.Better to Avoid numbers and Hyphens

It is easy to write and pronounce your domain name with Numbers and hyphens?

Imagine if YouTube has a hyphen. Then it would be difficult to spread or popular

In this case, YouTube may not spread as quickly.

Recommended: it must be correct and accurate, Prevent hyphens and numbers because it may not reach your domain very easily to visitors.

Always letters are better!

7. Always use the keyword “Niche” it will represent your website.

Our website’s main motto is to provide online information so we have created a website with the name “digital light”. So I decided to add the name “Digital” to reflect all of this information.

Keywords will help you to improve SEO. You have to follow very careful while choosing a domain with a keyword. If you are trying to purchase a domain with stuffed keywords in your domain that will appear as a general keyword. So always research before purchasing a domain with your Niche or with your brand.

If you want to use keywords, prepare them in your area of ​​expertise. Here are the most meaningful ones for your SEO

Here are Few Keywords finding tools that will help you to choose your domain with your niche.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner and

8. Long-term Goals rather than short-term Goals while choosing the domain

long term goals

If you’re looking for short term business then it is not the right place. Because it will be one of the biggest factors that will determine your business and your brand for the coming years.

If you decide to change your domain in the future, you’ll have to pay for branding, marketing, advertisement, SEO rank, etc… In simple – it is a great pain!

Think long-term while choosing a domain.

You don’t want to focus on a particular niche and want to expand your expertise in the different niche then it can be considered to choose another domain.

Therefore, think about your long-term vision when choosing a domain name.

9. Make sure your domain is not registered or already in use on other social platforms.

Before finding a specific website name, make sure that the name is available on social media websites or already registered with any trademark.

Ideally, to create a brand, give your domain and social platforms the same name. This creates brand and makes it easier for visitors, fans, and customers to find your business online.

Be careful while choosing the domain, if it is registered with any trademark you would be falling in legal problems.

How can I quickly search social media and trademarks for possible domain names?

Using a tool like Knowem is very easy. Examine Possible Domain Names Indicates whether they are available on more than -25 popular social networks and whether the name already contains a trademark.

If a domain is already registered then you should consider creating your own social media profile and domain name.

10. Use the Domain Name Generator

Now You might have a basic idea to choose a domain with your niche or keywords or related to your brand. Even if you are confused about choosing a name at this point, I would recommend the domain name generator where you would get few ideas in choosing the domain.

It’s an amazing rite!!!

These generators can transform ideas into newly available areas.

Top 10  domain name  generators to try:


Where do I have to register my domain?

I recommend a few sellers where you can get the best price with security and privacy.

  1. Godaddy
  2. BlueHost

Be careful, website names have a significant impact on the success and potential of a site. Think carefully about the options you have chosen about the seller. link

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