How To Increase Twitter Followers Organically In 8 Steps.

Do You Want To Increase Twitter Followers ?
But you’re not sure how to increase followers on twitter?

How To Increase Twitter Follower In 8 Steps.


In this quick guide, we’re going to break down how to get more Twitter followers.

1.Optimize your Twitter profile:

The first step you have to do is complete and optimize your Twitter Profile to make sure that profiles rocks.

Your profile picture should be the centerpiece of your twitter profile because people mostly notice by looking into it first.

Aside from your username, it will show next to your tweet when you post on twitter.

So you should choose a professional  photo of your brand logo

After the profile photo, there should be a  Bio and in this area where you provide just 160 characters.

The goal of your profile is to give an idea of what your business is and what they can expect by following you.

It is important to include all essential info, such as your website, location, and phone number.

choose the hashtags that are relevant to your brand.                  

2. Stay Active and Engaged:  

 Involving users is the safest way to get more impact and follow-up. Send regularly, respond to users who mentioned, or contact you for customer support, for Example, Retweet other people’s posts and add your comments regularly without being too big.

If necessary, invite other Twitter users to provide their nicknames to interact with subscribers with similar interests in real-time using tweet chats.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags: 

Hashtags are probably Twitter’s most powerful features. Use them frequently – aim for at least two on a tweet. Hashtags help people find your tweets by searching.

Make sure you use the ones that are relevant to your brand and audience. Discover trends and check your competitors’ tweets for ideas or create a new one that can prevail.

4. Pin your Best Tweet at the Top of Your Page.

 When a tweet is pinned it automatically appears on the top of your profile’s timeline. This might seem simple but getting people’s attention on social media is so difficult.

Every little thing you have to improve is the visibility, Reach of every post, and piece of content can benefit up to a much larger impact.

There are 3 ways that you might want to pin the best tweet:

  • Promoting a current campaign: Include the Best tweet in every campaign.
  • Capitalize on a trending topic: Are people in your niche talking about a particular topic? Create the content on that topic, write a tweet, and then pin it.
  • Amplifying a popular tweet: If you see a particular tweet gaining attraction, consider to pin it even for more engagement.

If something is going on top of your page, it should represent your quality work and the most important thing is what you should share.

If something you want to bring at the top of a page, then make it a visual appearance.

5. Timing is Everything:

 According to the study, people engage 14% more with twitter on weekends and during a week like Monday, re-tweets are higher.

But you should follow the timings depending on specific followers but these are good guidelines.

 With scheduled tweets, you can schedule a tweet at a specific time.

If You live in the United States, but you have many supporters in Beijing? Would you like to tweet in the middle of the night?

With the help of scheduled tweets, you can do this and you don’t have to worry about waking up at midnight. Just write your tweet, set the time it will be sent.

6. Identity Followers Within Your Network

Here’s a simple, straightforward tip to get new subscribers and make you more visible on Twitter in seconds.

If you like most people, you can upload your contact list to twitter. However, by syncing your Twitter contacts list, you can connect to an existing network of people who are likely to follow you.

If your synchronized contacts are on Twitter, your account will appear as a suggestion in the “Who to follow” section. Depending on the size of your contact list, this can score you a lot of new followers with minimal effort.

7. Reply the Tweets and Aim for Retweets

Getting more followers on Twitter doesn’t have to be a waste of time, it just means making the most of the time spent on the platform.

Of course, you can and should plan your tweets to optimize your engagement. At the same time, you don’t want your Twitter account to be fully controlled by bots.

You have to close trenches with followers, customers, and industry leaders. Regularly interacting with other users with tagging, retweets, and replies new followers can instantly recognize that you are a human and get more eyes on your brand better.

First, let’s say you respond to other brands’ tweets and try to get their attention. If you write a detailed and thoughtful response will get you more potential followers than a brief one-word answer.

8.Connect your Twitter Profile to Your Website & Social Media Platforms:

Promote your tweets on the website and in blogs. This will help you to increase your Twitter followers. But, make sure you embed your live Twitter feed into your website and blogs.

Make sure your website has a Twitter follow button on your website and tweet this button to your blog for quick access.

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