Best 11 OFF-PAGE SEO Techniques .



Off-page SEO  is nothing but techniques implemented outside of your website to get top ranking on the search engine result page.

Backlinks are the heart of off-page SEO .so a website with so many backlinks will usually rank better and a website with few backlinks will not rank better on the SERP page.

off-page SEO helps with what others think of your product, services.

Off-page SEO  is nothing but to get a link from the right one. links used in off page-SEO are do-follow links and no-follow links.

We can get traffic, visitors, by submitting our links on other websites.our website backlinks can be seen in google search console or webmaster tools, and also we can check in uberrsuggest.

In order to do the off-page SEO technique we have to

consider the submission of website rank should be high, that is page rank and domain rank should be high


1.Search Engine Submission:

It is one of the off-page SEO  the process of making a request to a search engine that a website should be included in its index. However, this submission will not affect the website.

The ranks only alert the search engine of its existence. Google and Bing offer free service for submission forms.

To submit websites at google is the only way is to submit your website by adding a sitemap in search console.

2.Directory Submission:

Directory submission means submitting your site URL and its details on the online in a directory under a particular Place.

This is a way that helps you to improve your link building in the off-page SEO.

For example, if you have a website related to Restaurant, then you will submit your website under the Restaurant category which will help you to get backlinks from them. These directories are similar to the phone directories.

3.Social Bookmarking: Social media is a great method for social bookmarking in off-page SEO .social bookmarks will always keep your information online and anybody can access it through the internet connection.when you post social bookmarks to the web it helps search engines to understand your site. A best off-page SEO technique

off-page seo

off-page SEO 

Advantages of social book markings are:

Faster site indexing

Getting quality backlinks from social bookmarking to your website

and it will boost your domain authority

Website Traffic will increase to your site by off-page seo

Google counts social bookmark as social signals .it helps search engines

to make your brand popular. Bookmarking is better than a browser.

Most popular social bookmarking sites are Twitter, Pinterest,

Mix, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr.

4. Blog Commenting: it is also an off-page SEO technique Blog comments are one of the easiest ways to make your blog interactive, to get backlinks on your website, and to drive traffic on your blog.

Blog commenting is a relationship between blogs, bloggers, blog is a way to tell opinions or thoughts about what they feel about a

 particular is the best off-page optimization technique.

Blog commenting is an action taken by the blog viewers, visitors, by commenting.

5.Local Business Listing:

It is to create a Structured local business listing on social media platforms like name, Address, Phone number, Website URL, Categories, Description, Tag line, Social profiles, images.

The Quality content you spread to your local business data will have an impact on your local search engine rankings to get more traffic. The listings should be accurate and complete.

6.Article Submission:

Article Submission is a quality technique to increase your off-page SEO score. Article submission is a method that once you write an article related to your business and submit on other sites.

By submitting on famous article submissions directories you can generally do-follow and do-follow backlink.

7.Image submission:

Image Submission in SEO involves leaving images related to your website in different image sharing or submission sites. image

submission sites. some ways to optimize the images are image selection, `file format, image optimization, file name, alternative text are the off-page SEO websites. Link

8.Video submission:

Video Submission is one of the powerful techniques in off-page SEO. it is the process of link building.

By this video submission, you can promote your business in the form of a video format that attracts more people.

Uses of video sharing:

·  You can rank your website on SERP.

·  By getting quality backlinks.

·  Attracting them by describing your information in the video

·  You can get authorities like PA, DA, PR, and Alexa for your website

9.Forum Posting:

Forum Posting off-page SEO consists of websites participating in online discussion creates discussions with other sites.

To start Forum posting all a website needs to signup and start posting discussion on articles. A successful posting leads discussion this leads to business opportunities.

10.Free classified submission:

it helps to promote your business in some specified portals. Startup business can promote their business and gain results .people who visit these classified and it comes under off-page SEO

websites make a decision to purchase products .promoting on these websites will be useful for your brand development. By this with free classified ads submission can provide huge of the top technique in of-page SEO.

11.Guest Posting:

It is also known as guest blogging in off-page SEO .it is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and is also one of the best off-page SEO.


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