Best 10 WordPress Plugins To Make Website Faster On Google .


The Best WordPress plugins to make your website faster. WordPress website makes your website faster. Top best 10 WordPress plugins are mentioned below

it is Frustrating when your web page is loading slowly and it will impact the search engine rankings and user experience. Due to Slow loading speed visitors has to wait to access the content on the website this will frustrate them and will go right out of the website.

As per Google’s most, the people don’t wait more than 3 seconds to load the website page and 15.3 seconds is the time to load on the mobiles .70% of the people will not enter into the website that loads slowly.

To avoid these things we as a blogger have to create super-fast loading speed for our blogs.

WordPress Caching plugin matters a lot for a WordPress Website. In addition, I have listed the top 10 WordPress Cache plugins that can improve your Website speed. Let me explain what is website cache

What is WordPress Caching Memory for a website?

The Purpose of Cache memory is to store a dynamic website’s static version so that users can access quickly. The cache memory is the part of a Servers’s RAM, Which is very this cache memory will transform your dynamic site elements into static elements.

So when a request is made on your site, the cache memory will immediately start that request and give the static version so users can start entering into the site.

The 10 Best WordPress plugins To speed up your website Faster on Google.

1.WP-Rocket Plugin:

WordPress plugin
WordPress plugin

it is the best WordPress plug-in for beginners or bloggers for faster loading.wp-rocket WordPress load fast in a few clicks.

With wp-rocket configuration to enable caching for a website, you can start quickly with this plugin. You just install the plug-in and activate it and it will start working automatically.

Wp-rocket is so efficient it will optimize page loading time and improves the ranking of your site.

How to update WP Rocket?

Whenever a new version is released you have an option in the WordPress dashboard to update plug-in.

What does the WP Rocket plugin do?

WP Rocket is a caching optimization plugin to improve the speed of a WordPress website.


Wordpress caching plugin

It protects your WordPress site from hackers and cybercrime. This has done by using the final firewall that searches malicious In addition, Wordfence Security Scanner acts as a powerful firewall companion.

It scans malware and compares kernel, theme, and plug-in files with the content of the repository checks their integrity and notifies you of changes.

With the Wordfence caching plugin security firewall and scanner, your WordPress site is secure and you will receive notifications of security risks (e.g. software vulnerabilities) so that you can remove them before your site is attacked.

It also has login security features that enable you to enable two-factor authentication and reCAPTCHA on your site. Backing up a WordPress site is the last thing most people think of … Until they need a backup to restore their vulnerable sites. And believe me, this is the P.I.T.A process if you are not ready.

3.Updraft plus:

wordpress caching plugin

Backing up a WordPress site is the last thing most people think until they need a backup to restore their vulnerable sites. It simplifies backup and restoration and also you can backup files and databases in the cloud folder like Google drive, Amazon s3, Dropbox, etc..

It is a free tool and can be upgraded to a premium plan for features like:

  • Incremental backups.
  • Duplicate and migrate your WordPress site easier.
  • More storages like onedrive,backblaze,Azure,SFTP
  • Database Encryption
  • Advanced reporting.

4.Login press:

LoginPress secures the login pages of your WordPress websites. With this LoginPress, you can customize the login page URL by these visitors with the exact URL that can access your login page.Wordpress caching plugin

Here are a few tips to improve:

  • Customize your login page related to your brand.
  • Allow visitors to register and log in with their social media accounts.
  • Limit attempts to connect to prevent brute force attacks.
  • Generate unique authentication URLs so that users can approach the authentication process.
  • Activate Google reCAPTCHA to protect your website from spam.
  • You can now get LoginPress with an exclusive life offer on


Renaming your WP connection is a free and easy way to change your login URL without other security and design features.

5.Elementor Pro:

Wordpress cache plugin

With over 3 million active installations and 4.9 out of 5 stars, Elementor Page Builder is one of the best-known WordPress designers for drag and drop pages.

Elementor offers:

The best page editor in its class Over 300 templates from designers and over 90 widgets Receptive editing and more. Simply put, you can create a full WordPress site (beautiful, professional, and high conversion) visually without a single line of code.

The Pro-Plan is even stronger: it contains many professional templates and widgets, Theme Builder (creating global templates for header, footer, and publication types, etc.), WooCommerce Builder, and much more.


Expand Elementor with WidgetKit, an expanded set of extensions with unique elements, layouts, and widgets.

6.Wp Super Cache:


wordpress cache plugin

The temporary storage saves temporary web documents such as HTML pages, CSS files, and images on your website in the web browser of your last visitors.

This improves the user experience for returning visitors by increasing the server’s upload speed. As your website’s speed and user experience improvements, so do your site’s SEO and conversions. It generates static HTML files for your WordPress site and serves 99% of your site visitors. It has over 2 million active installations

7.Insert Headers and Footers:

wordpress caching plugin

As a marketing manager, online entrepreneur, and blogger, you often insert code or script clippings into the header or footer of your website. No matter whether it is a review of the Google website, Facebook Pixel, or custom scripts from your email service provider.

The truth is that there is never an easy way to do this on WordPress CMS.

Entering headers and footers is a simple plugin that makes it easy to do so. Paste code like Google Analytics, custom CSS, a Facebook pixel, or more into the header or footer – without having to worry about a WordPress topic.

8.Shortpixel Image Optimizer:


wordpress caching plugin
WordPress caching plugin

Slow websites are a big NO-NO in the modern world of the internet. And one of the main participants in the slow website is the non-optimized images. Short Pixel is a simple plug-in for image optimization. Define it and forget about it for your WordPress Caching Plugin website.

It improves the performance of your website (and your search engine optimization) by reducing the image s up to 85% without affecting the quality. With a few simple settings, ShortPixel can compress all of your previous images and PDF documents with a single click.

This will automatically optimize your images when you download them in the background. By using short pixels we can optimize up to 100 images for free in a month.

9.Monster Insights:

wordpress caching plugin


Imagine your logging into your Google Analytics account and watching a series of numbers and graphics. What does that really mean? And present on the WordPress dashboard? Instead of connecting to more websites and tools. MonsterInsights is the plugin you need.

Now imagine when you log in to the WordPress dashboard  with all the data you need to know how your website works (and exactly what you need):

  • Website visitors are classified by age, gender, country, interests, devices, etc.
  • Key submission pages, search terms, and landing pages (with values ​​such as visits and rejection rates).
  • E-commerce data such as top products, conversion rates, average order value, etc.

10.Rank Math Seo:

This WordPress plugin Optimize Your Website For Search Engines OR Die. If you have a website and you’re creating content, repeat it every day before doing anything else.

wordpress plugin
WordPress plugin

Unfortunately, the WordPress plugin does not have SEO functions. This is where Math SEO comes in. Math Rank allows you to customize your search options (focus keywords, post title, meta description) for each blog post and rate each blog post using the SEO checklist.

Then you can see what your pages and posts look like in search results, extensive clippings, and even when posted on social media. Rank Math also has modular structures such as 404 monitor, redirects, AMP, sitemap, and integration into the Google Search Console, which you can activate or deactivate.

This is by far the best SEO WordPress plugin you’ll find in 2020. And it’s FREE. Alternative: You can use Yoast SEO as an alternative, but most premium Yoast SEO features are free with Math Rank.


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