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Free Trade Agreement Switzerland Brazil

Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and Brazil: A Closer Look

The trade relationship between Switzerland and Brazil has been growing stronger over the years. As two of the world`s major economies, the two nations have developed a mutual interest in enhancing their economic ties. One way of doing this is through the establishment of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the Switzerland-Brazil FTA, its benefits, and challenges.

The Current Status of the FTA

Switzerland and Brazil launched negotiations towards an FTA in 2018. The negotiations have been progressing well, with several rounds of talks already concluded. Both countries have already agreed on the texts of some chapters, such as trade in goods, customs procedures, and trade facilitation. However, some sensitive issues, such as intellectual property, public procurement, and services, are yet to be resolved.

Benefits of the FTA

The establishment of a Switzerland-Brazil FTA would have significant benefits for both countries. For Switzerland, the FTA would open up new markets for its products and services. Brazil is the ninth largest economy in the world, with a population of over 210 million people. Access to this market would create new business opportunities for Swiss companies, especially in the pharmaceutical, insurance, and financial sectors.

On the other hand, Brazil would also benefit from the FTA. Swiss products are high-quality and innovative, and they would add value to the Brazilian market. Moreover, the FTA would help Brazil modernize its economy by boosting trade and investment flows, reducing trade barriers, and promoting economic growth.

However, some challenges need to be addressed before the FTA can be fully implemented.

Challenges to the FTA

One of the main challenges facing the Switzerland-Brazil FTA is the issue of tariffs. Brazil has high tariffs on many goods, especially in the agricultural sector. These tariffs act as a barrier to trade, limiting the entry of Swiss products into Brazil. The FTA negotiations are expected to address this issue by reducing or eliminating tariffs on both sides.

Another challenge is the protection of intellectual property. Swiss companies are concerned about the protection of their intellectual property rights in Brazil. Brazil has a reputation for weak enforcement of intellectual property laws, which has deterred some Swiss companies from operating in the country.

In conclusion, the Switzerland-Brazil FTA has the potential to create new business opportunities for Swiss companies and boost economic growth in Brazil. However, both countries need to address the sensitive issues that are currently on the negotiation table to ensure a successful FTA implementation. As negotiations continue, the world will be eagerly watching to see the progress made towards a comprehensive and mutually beneficial FTA.

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